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An-Cor Industrial Plastics Ltd. - Buffalo, USA
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Precisioneering Ltd. - Toronto, Canada
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Fiberglass Tanks and Vessels      Hoods      FRP Fans      Stacks      Chimney liners      FRP Brine makers
Fiberglass Custom Equipment      Fiberglass field wound tanks up to 80 in diameter      RTP-1 Certified Equipment
Ventilation systems      Gratings      Scrubbers      Ductwork      Pipe and Fittings      Dampers
DKG - The Best Fiberglass Option

Group DKG Corp is dedicated to providing world class Fiberglass manufacturing, design and engineering. Its corrosion resistant products and equipment are a cost effective and long lasting alternative to stainless steel and other metal products.

Group DKG Corp is the result of the merger of companies with great local reputations, specific fabrication or systems advantages and owners who are active participants in their businesses. The owners have traded their ownership in their individual companies for shared ownership in a larger global enterprise in order to gain access to greater resources and provide global quality and sourcing.

This Local management combined with Global sourcing, results in more cost effective production as well as the kind of customer service and attention to delivery that only comes with local accountability.